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6 ways colours can change the mood of your room

3 Jan 2015 1:31 PMMiranda Wright
6 ways colours can change the mood of your room

6 ways different colours can change the mood of your room

Humans respond differently to different colour categories, namely red, green, yellow, blue and others. Colours are very powerful tools which can activate changes in emotions or feelings, especially when used inside and outside a room.

Different colours can be used to give different perspectives; for instance, when you want your room to look larger than its real size. And when selling your house, you can use bright and vibrant colours like yellow and eggshell.

Red is best in the kitchen. It is known to bring appetite to most people and this explains the reason why most restaurants have patterns of red colour on their walls.

During winter, you can warm up your room by painting deep colours like yellow, red or orange. This makes the room look warmer inside and welcoming from the outside.

Colour descriptions that use more than one word, such as ‘eggshell white’ or ‘forest green’, are complex colours and work best in attracting highly educated people. However, to attract more down to earth interest or if on a lower budget, simple colours are effective.

If you want to make your room look fresh, cool and clean during summer, use cool colours, especially blue. You can paint a white exterior with a blue trim. In bathrooms and bedrooms, cool colours are best and the paint creates a relaxing atmosphere with colours such as lavender, green or blue.

For your home office, green creates a pleasant working environment. Paint the office with a light green then add a green plant (but don’t over-do it).

This is just a quick reference to alert you to how different colours can be used to change the mood of a room.